Hi Prodos,
I just heard about this outfit today. I don’t know much about them. I heard about it on http://www.ted.com
They publish leaked classified documents that are generally embarrassing to the governments and organizations that perpetrate the injustice, whatever it might be.
The outstanding thing about the video I watched was centered around the banking collapse in Iceland a year or so back. In a nutshell, offshore Banking is by far the biggest industry in Iceland. It’s 80% of their economy, so it’s a big deal in Iceland. Wikileaks broke the story and it was, of course, embarrassing to the government of Iceland. However, what they did about it was perhaps the most amazing improvement in civil rights in the world this year, perhaps this decade. It appears that there was such a large public outcry and demand for transparency in information that the government of Iceland passed ammendments to their constitution that are principally the most secure rights to freedom on speech in the world. They won a Nobel peace prize for it.
So from now on, until a few other countries get similar constitutional ammendments, Iceland will be the clearing house for all leaked classified documents in the world. The world now has real freedom of speech. Try and stop it.
I knew there was a reason I liked those Icelanders.

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