Here’s another great outfit. These people have embraced the problem of Human Rights violations in developing countries and unregulated regions all over the world.
In a nutshell, If you have seen a picture of a child working in a mine or a really ulgy sweat shop or someone working with dangerous chemicals with no safety equipment, this is the kind of place they want to help.
They discovered, to know one’s suprise, that even if a country is compelled to send inspectors, these people are easily bribed. So the violations continue.
What they did was convince multi-national corporations to make a code of conduct part of the contract. So there now is a World standard for the treatment of these people that work in underdeveloped countries producing the things we buy.
Losing the contract would be devastating to their economy so companies or governments naturally “buck up”.
It’s an excellent example of private entreprise being used to promote Human Rights and by way of contract no less.
Promoting Human Rights by promoting Property Rights. Top that anyone?

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