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How would an Objectivist go about constructing a constitution?

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Software Development?

It occurs to me that in the thirty odd years that Microsoft has been the King of computers. They have done very little to improve the maintenance procedures. We still use disk cleanup and Defragmentation. The two utilities fell out of fashion for a while but I have found in recent years they are as good as anything for tuning up your PC. Why do they not work automatically? Why don’t they run whenever there is processor time available? Perhaps the eggheads at Microsoft are too caught up in building utilities few people want to ever get around to making computers better again. Every day or two a have to spend 2-3 hours on tuning my computer so it works OK. I am tired of it. Why can’t these utilities just run in the background all the time? It couldn’t be that hard to do.

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Enforcement of crazy laws

Example: In the USA and Canada we do not enforce any countries “right” to own slaves. No countries law permitting murder would be accepted in any court of any country I am aware of. Ritual sacrifice, even when clearly prescribed by a religion’s code is illegal everywhere.  Enforcement of these laws is another matter I table for the moment. There are some laws in this world that are so reprehensible we could not in any way allow them to be enforced in our respective countries.

Now, this bring’s us to laws that take a regiment of lawyers to even identify, much less enforce. Laws cannot be the clubs and guns of tyrants. Governments cannot pick and choose what laws they “feel” like enforcing. If a government body passes a law, there is an expectation they intend to enforce it. A government body can’t pass a law, let it sit for a hundred years unenforced and then hit it with a SWAT team. If a law is to be the law it must be applied evenly. If a law is not enforced it should be removed. If a law violates the constitution, it should be removed. If a law makes living impossible, it should be removed. If a law is rejected by a significant number of citizens it should be removed.

For a government body to cling to laws that are illogical, that no one  subject to them wants, is tyranny that should be dealt with in the harshest political terms.

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What do you like about Fred Nietzsche?

In the FB way, we have only just met. When you get to know me better I hope you will come to understand that, coming from me it is a sign of respect to call him by that personal abbreviation. However, for you, I have no emotion about using Friedrich. The study of Philosophy is not so difficult as you might think. We don’t have to memorize all the work of the great thinkers for the last 4000 years. (Thank goodness). All we really have to do is go back as far as we can. Study that Philosopher. Head forward. Add anything that philosopher missing and remove anything we find that is dis-proven. In some ways the old guard Philosophers have it easy. We have no choice but to accept everything they say until dis-proven. Modern day Philosophers like Friedrich have it much tougher. It is their unenviable job to find new insights without taking credit for stuff that was said before. As for Friedrich, I do not subscribe to the theory that chronic pain somehow magically inspires brilliance. Physiologically, chronic pain will shut down a persons intellectual capacity. Friedrich was in pain from chronic headaches most of his adult life. The last ten years was the worst and that is when he did most of his writing. I do not reject his work solely on that basis but he must prove it is original insight. To the best of my knowledge he said nothing that wasn’t said before.

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The English language passed one billion words not too long ago. That means the number of words has doubled in the past thirty years. Many concepts are well covered by words, these are not the problem. Concepts that are not well covered by words are more of a challenge. We end up using language more subjectively. Trying to squeeze meaning out of words that may or may not be clear to the audience. You are very mathematically minded. You want everything to add up and that’s OK. I don’t need to explain to you that the current state of Physics won’t allow for the explanation of everything. I don’t know if we will make it to that point in our lifetime, Damn. We are like brilliant children that are trying to be grown-ups. We want everything at once. We know a lot of stuff, but there is so much more. What I like about philosophy isn’t that everything adds up perfectly. It’s that the journey or adventure of life goes in the right direction. I understand how important imagination is to new discoveries and how easy it is to get bound up in the head from thinking. Sometimes frustration can ignite imagination in ways deliberate meditation will not. Other times, you need to step away, forget about for a while. Then it hits you like snapping out of a blonde moment. I hope this arrives in the spirit in which it is intended.

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Definition of Communism

I was looking for a good definition of society when I found this. I wanted to keep track of it for reference. Karl was screwed in the head. He didn’t think it through. It makes no sense. However, this well written paragraph sums up nicely what we are up against.

Compare and and contrast the Marxist-Inspired Socialist Party of Eugene Debs with the revolutionary Marxism of the Communists. 

Marxism is a particular political philosophy, economic and sociological worldview based upon a materialist interpretation of history, a Marxist analysis of capitalism, a theory of social change, [ and an atheist view of human liberation derived from the work of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. The three primary aspects of Marxism are: 1. The dialectical and materialist concept of history — Humankind’s history is fundamentally that of the struggle between social classes. The productive capacity of society is the foundation of society, and as this capacity increases over time the social relations of production, class relations, evolve through this struggle of the classes and pass through definite stages (primitive communism, slavery, feudalism, capitalism). The legal, political, ideological and other aspects (ex. art) of society are derived from these production relations as is the consciousness of the individuals of which the society is composed. 2. The critique of capitalism — In capitalist society, an economic minority (the bourgeoisie) dominate and exploit the working class (proletariat) majority. Marx uncovered the interworkings of capitalist exploitation, the specific way in which unpaid labor (surplus value) is extracted from the working class (the labor theory of value), extending and critiquing the work of earlier political economists on value. Although the production process is socialized, ownership remains in the hand of the bourgeoisie. This forms the fundamental contradiction of capitalist society. Without the elimination of the fetter of the private ownership of the means of production, human society is unable to achieve further development. 3. Advocacy of proletarian revolution — In order to overcome the fetters of private property the working class must seize political power internationally through a social revolution and expropriate the capitalist classes around the world and place the productive capacities of society into collective ownership.

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Altruist Philosophies

I think I may have coined a phrase. “Altruist Philosophies” does not appear to be in use on Google. At least up to now. From now on I intend to use it to lump together all philosophies that cannot sustain themselves. It’s a pretty exhaustive list that includes most philosophies. However, there are one or two that can sustain themselves with only suicidal tendencies.

I want to put these philosophies  into perspective. Strip their vague, misty, aloof image down to “OK, what have you got for me”. Most will not fare well at all. One or two need a smack and a shake. People need to shop for a philosophy like a jaded used car buyer. They might opt to buy a new untested model instead. The new Objectivist by Rand. “You’ve have never seen anything like it”.

Post Script: After making this post and running the search again Google managed to find 129 results for “altruist philosophies” Oh well, There will be more soon.

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Raid on Gibson Factory/ Aug.24/2011

I am very angry. I just heard about.


These disgusting, soulless bastards at US Fish and Wildlife raided a guitar factory with full commando style SWAT team tactics. How can this be legal? They seized $500,000 worth of rare wood. Effectively shutting down the factory. There needs to be a reckoning. When I write articles and sections for the new constitution it will include procedures for quickly dismantling Rogue departments of government. I want these bozo’s in the unemployment line.

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The Atlas Shrugged Movie

I never expected good reviews. It isn’t reasonable to expect all the terrible departments and groups and lobbies and media that make there living off this failing condition in our world to stand up and defend the Atlas Shrugged movie, is it? These people will latch on to anything trying to defend Altruism. It always amazes me that no Altruist ever even tries to make an argument on technical points. I know they can’t, they would sound like buffoons. However, they should try to defend their philosophy. The Atlas Shrugged Movie was showed at 299 theaters and it made 5 million dollars. What if it have been showed at them all? The movie industry is it’s own worst enemy. All those people are wheelchair cripples from repeatedly shooting themselves in the feet. The 54 year struggle to make this movie is not surprising. The way it is all intermixed with what is happening in our world right now is approbate.

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Rebuilding a Constitution

Reprinted from my own blog-jeffsobjectivistcorner@yahoo .com-Sun Dec 7, 2003 2:15 pm

>Jeff Olstad
>Hi there,
>I have been told I don’t expand my writing enough, oh well. I was trying
>be philosophical and poetic, write something that might fit on a card. I
>think all of the Constitutions of all of the Countries of the world need
>be rebuilt. Which ever Country is first to build a truly Objectivist style
>of constitution I believe will set the pattern others follow, simply
>it will be so successful it will be unavoidable. I am trying to help
>become accustomed to the idea of changing the constitution. Lots of people
>won’t like it, most will find it scary, but if people start talking about
>like it is at least possible then when the time comes for the serious work
>it might not be so scary.
>Retirement Party for Sir Constitution
> Here’s to a great man, Old man Constitution, Sir. On the job 227
>years now. He is not your typical old man, he is not infirm in mind
>or body. He stands alone and does his job. Keeping our government on
>the straight and narrow. He will continue as long as we want him to.
>He was conceived in a revolution. Spent his youth in the turmoil of
>a nation forming and continues to give valid guidance in our
>changing world. He a little quiet, has a slight tendency to repeat
>himself. But many have gone home bruised and bleeding, physically
>and mentally, mistaking this for weakness.
> He did his job through times when people were quickly hanged for
>stealing horses and is as happy as anyone these times are long past.
>He is 227 years now and he knows he can’t change, not enough. He
>wants his retirement. He wants to meet his replacement, get to know
>him (or her) and rest his mind that the job is well taken care of.
>Until then he will continue, in his quiet way, without complaint.
>I was referring to the US constitution, but it could be anyones. I was
>trying to say we are safe, nothing bad or unpredictable is going to happen
>in relation to the constitution. Changing the constitution needs to be
>strictly above board, done neatly and cleanly, with a seemless transition
>from the old one. everybody knows whats happening. we all have time to
>adjust. The old constitution will be there for us until the moment new one
>is ready, just like a changing of the watch on a ship, the new person
>there, gets his bearings, aquaints themself with any problems or issues
>happening at that moment, and then says “you are relieved”. Thats just my
>Good Day

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Saying the same thing over and over again.

I hate doing it. It frustrates me the it is necessary. I watch Yaron Brook on the videos saying the same thing over and over again and it frustrates me there is nothing new.

I came to the sad conclusion today that that will be our lot in life. Saying it over and over again until the people you are talking to think it was their idea in the first place. We need a plan and for the moment that is it. Try and get happy with repeating yourself. yuk!

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